Light weight halls for Opel: Large order involving 16,200 m² of warehouse space

“HALTEC won us over with price, service and quality. We have rented a total storage area of 16,200 m² for our factory. The contract was handled quickly and professionally from the first conversation. Everything was ready for use in the shortest possible time. HALTEC temporary buildings are a good solution for us.”

Construction department project leader, Adam Opel GmbH

Photos: Light weight halls for Opel

  • Light weight hall
  • Double-bayed light weight hall: Interior view
  • Heating room
  • Double-bayed light weight halls
Technical data - Aluflex lightweight hall
Width: 2 x 15.00 m
Length: 75.00 m
Side height: 5.00 m
Roof: High density fabric
Wall: Trapezoidal profile cladding
Ridge height: 7.01 m
Snow load: 75 kg/m²

Reference example: Automobile manufacturer

At an Adam Opel AG location, an increased demand for storage occurred for vehicle production. This demand existed for a limited period of six months and the storage space had to be available within a short time. A fast and flexible solution was required.


The automobile manufacturer decided for the advantage of the modular construction. With the storage marquee concept tendered by HALTEC the additional space capacity could be built quickly and rented for the intended duration of use.

Aluflex lightweight halls as double-bayed warehouses

Six double-bayed Aluflex light weight halls and one Steelflex steel building were erected on the factory facilities and executed with roller gates, escape doors, hot-air blowers, and lighting as requested by the customer. The delivery, as well mounting of the individual equipment were also included in the service package from HALTEC.


The on-schedule conclusion of the major project, in spite of continuing and surprisingly severe winter conditions ensured a high level of customer satisfaction.

"HALTEC convinced us with price, service and quality. The order was handled quickly and professionally from the first discussion. Everything was ready for use in the shortest time possible."


After six months all storage marquees were taken down and Adam Opel GmbH was able to immediately use the surface area for other purposes. The summary of the Director of the Construction Department: "For our plant we rented a total of 16,200 m² of warehouse space. HALTEC light weight halls are a good solution for us."