Questions & Answers

7. Does HALTEC has a show room?

We have a show room in the area of Dortmund. We expose our complete product range. An appointment can be scheduled at anytime, even on weekends.


8. What is the special feature of the eave purlin from HALTEC?

The further developed eave rail enables trouble-free mounting of the roof tarpaulins. The expander roof tensioners can simply be hooked into the eave purlin. The side curtains run on robust awning rollers and are hooked into an integrated roller groove. Due to to the direct accommodation of the side curtain in the eave purlin, an additional awning rod is not required, a lesser air gap ensures a better seal and the the disturbing background noise of clattering rings is dispensed with. For multi-bayed marquee setup the eave rail makes it possible to connect the marquees through a trough gutter with beading welded on both sides.


9. Which profiles are used for HALTEC marquees?

The aluminium keder profile 110 x 68 mm with 4 keder channels and a diameter of 18 mm, as well as the 95 x 46 mm profile with 2 keder channels and a diameter of 12 mm offer optimal protection against wind and weather. The roof tarpaulins of each individual bay are pulled into the keder channels in accordance with the truss spacing of 3.00 m and 5.00. The hoisting ropes are included in the scope of delivery. The 4-keder-channel profile of the Partyflex MAXI marquee additionally enables easy mounting of decorations and accessories.