Questions & Answers

10. Which window versions are available?

The frames and lattices coloured or white, round or rectangular - an abundant palette of colours and shapes that provides many design possibilities for an individual marquee can be offered.


11. How is the tarpaulin insert role fastened?

The patent applied tarpaulin insert role (used for: mini and maxi as well as marquee systems from other suppliers) is inserted into the beading of side wall upright without tools with the aid of two guide mandrels. Subsequently the roof tarpaulins or gable triangle can be retracted virtually wear-free by only 2 workers without major exertion!


12. Can I rent party tents and festival marquees?

We request your understanding for the fact that as the manufacturer we cannot offer these marquees for rental. If you want to rent a party tent or festival marquee, we will forward your enquiry to a HALTEC partner in your area if possible.