Questions & Answers

1. What's behind the term "modular system for party tents"?

The modular system from HALTEC enables trouble-free enlargement and reduction of the light weight Partyflex marquee. In just a few minutes a model can be transformed into a different span width. The party tent Partyflex.maxi with truss spacing of 5.00 m can be used as a side attachment for a large marquee or as an autonomous party tent. The same manufacturing of all uprights and roof trusses enables easy storage. Anodised aluminium cross bracing prevents premature fouling of the side curtains and ensures safe assembly. In addition our marquees can be combined with the marquee systems provided by other manufacturers.


2. How are the profiles connected in the eave area and ridge area?

The profiles are connected in the eave and ridge area through galvanised steel inserts with self-locking bolts. This sophisticated technology makes it possible to erect the marquee quickly and easily without additional small parts.


3. What service does HALTEC offer?

Service is underlined by stocking an abundance of all small parts. Thus fast delivery times for spare parts, extension units and complete marquees can therefore be guaranteed.