Questions & Answers

7. Can a pagoda marquee also be erected if there is a strong wind?

Granted, erecting a marquee in a strong wind presents some challenges as it does for any tent or marquee: However with the Quadroflex pagoda these challenges have been significantly "disarmed". Thanks to the HALTEC hoisting device the marquee also stands relatively securely on two uprights so that the marquee does not need to held by one person, which is the case with other systems, possibly even on a ladder. In addition the new generation of HALTEC bracing technology also enables retroactive mounting of exterior bracing, for an assembled marquee without the necessity of removing the roof tarpaulin. Thus it has been statically verified that Quadroflex can even be used in a strong wind.


8. How can multiple Quadroflex marquees be setup in composite and sealed relative to each other?

The marquees are set up at a distance of approx. 20-30 cm with parallel alignment of the eave rails (horizontal running roof girders). The marquees are interconnected with a U-shaped running tarpaulin gutter, that is pulled into the outer beading of the eave rail. With this marquee setup variant, the newly generation HALTEC plug-in profile is recommended, because room dividers or intermediate tarpaulins can be mounted at any point with this technology; this is a technology that you will only find for Quadroflex.


9. Isn't it possible that the tarpaulins could slip out of the guide profile, through the side milled-out portion when opening?

We intentionally decided on the side milled-out portion: On one hand the eave rail is not weakened in the middle at the crucial point due to a mill-out section (deflection of the girder), on the other hand with the side milled-out portion the tarpaulins can be pulled directly into upright and girder, without having to change location. If the side curtain is then pulled up, as a rule the awning rollers do not drop out of the guide rails; the outer-most roller can only fall out if the tarpaulin is gathered extremely tightly on the upright. In this case we recommend using a simple end-stop safeguard, such as a screw with nut or an off-the-shelf curtain stopper. If however you clearly prefer a centred milled-out portion, we will be pleased to supply you with this variant at no additional charge!