Questions & Answers

4. How long does it take to set up a pagoda marquee?

For the complete assembly of a pagoda marquee it takes two people from 15-30 minutes depending on experience. For tools you require only a hammer for striking in the pegs; in addition we also recommend the patented HALTEC hoisting device.


5. Is the setup process complicated?

No, since you are dealing with a virtually tool-free insertion setup procedure, even alignment of the uprights is possible without a tape measure thanks to the new design of the foot tubes. The individual parts are designed in such a manner that the possibility of incorrect setup can be virtually excluded.


6. Is a ladder required for assembly?

No, because first the complete roof, incl. spanning of the roof membrane on the ground is mounted without side uprights. For subsequent setup we recommend the patented HALTEC hoisting device with which the posts can be inserted from the ground without exertion.