Questions & Answers

10. Can a pagoda marquee also be combined with other HALTEC marquees (or marquees from other manufacturers)?

A pagoda marquee can be easily combined with practically all marquees with comparable side height, via the tarpaulin connection gutter.


11. Pagoda marquees, similar to the Quadroflex pagoda are marketed by many suppliers, why should I choose the HALTEC product?

In the design and development of the Quadroflex pagoda, the primary objectives were cost-saving detail solutions, and flexible, economic manufacturing processes, in addition we calculated razor sharp, so that the price can hardly be underbid. Moreover Quadroflex combines the proven advantages offered by other suppliers, which have been improved in additional crucial areas, thus we are justified in saying: We simply (more cost-effectively) make something good even better


12. Can I also rent party tents and festival marquees?

We request your understanding for the fact that as the manufacturer we cannot offer these marquees for rental. If you want to rent a party tent or festival marquee, we will forward your enquiry if possible to a HALTEC partner in your area.