Questions & Answers

7. What is the best way to transport the Quickflex festival marquees?

Quickflex festival marquees can be easily transported with trucks, pick-ups, or trailers!


8. How is the tarpaulin insert role fastened?

The HALTEC tarpaulin insert role, for which a patent has been applied, is simply inserted into the lower beading of the truss, with the self-inhibiting guide mandrels, without tools. Subsequently the roof tarpaulins or gable triangles can be retracted, virtually wear-free by just two employees, without major exertion!


9. Can I combine the Quickflex festival marquee with other marquees?

The Quickflex festival marquee marquee can be combined, for example with PVC tarpaulin gutters, with practically any marquee with a comparable side height (eave height).