Questions & Answers

4. Do I need a crane or forklift for to erect the marquee?

A crane or forklift is not required to erect a Quickflex, if you have at least 4 people. For example, the individual marquee frames are set up with the included auxiliary diagonals (with side handles). Likewise the ridge purlin is hooked in from the ground without ladder with a special "purlin fork" that is included with the marquee.


5. How long is the longest Quickflex component?

Span 10.00 m: Mounting diagonal at 5,975 mm
Span 12.50 m: Truss at 6,640 mm
Span 15.00 m: Truss at 7,968 mm
Span 20.00 m: Truss at 10,605 mm

6. How does the telescopic height-adjustable upright work?

The height-adjustable telescopic upright, for which a patent has been applied, is initially mounted the same way that any other upright and foot plate is mounted, namely by insertion and bolting. If the height must be adjusted due to uneven ground or terrace offsets, the upright insert can be pulled out to the desired length and rebolted before the frame is set up. The maximum height adjustment is 200 mm in a 40 mm grid.