Questions & Answers

10. How long is the life expectancy of HALTEC marquees?

Theoretically the service life of HALTEC festival marquees is virtually unlimited, as the steel parts are hot-dipped galvanised, the aluminium parts are anodised, and the fabric-reinforced tarpaulins are UV-resistant. However, the service life is significantly influenced by the treatment of the components when setting up and taking down the marquee, storage, as well an the number of implementations. Thus we recommend that you always handle the frame components with care (place carpet remnants or wood elements between the components for storage, do not throw steel parts, use wood prop elements for frame assembly, etc.). The tarpaulins should be retracted with the HALTEC tarpaulin insert role (reduces exertion and wear significantly), and never store wet tarpaulins with folds for a longer period of time. If you comply with these instructions you can use the material for decades!


11. Can I rent party tents and festival marquees?

We request your understanding for the fact that as the manufacturer we cannot offer these marquees for rental. If you want to rent a party tent or festival marquee, we will forward your enquiry if possible to a HALTEC partner in your area.