Questions & Answers

1. What marquee sizes are available?

The Quickflex festival marquee is delivered with a span of 10.00 m, 12.50 m, 15.00 m or 20.00 m. The standard eave height is either 2.40 m or 3.00 m. As is the case with all HALTEC modular marquees the Quickflex festival marquee can be extended as desired in the truss spacing of 5.00 m, and thanks to the number of identical pieces it can also be converted to a different span. On special request other spans and eave heights are also available!


2. How long is the delivery time?

The Quickflex festival marquee is a modular marquee that is cost-effectively manufactured in lot sizes - thus as a rule all system components are always in stock and can be delivered within a few days. The same also applies for spare parts, which we can send to you within a few hours!


3. How long does it take to set up the marquee?

The setup time of a marquee is influenced by several factors (floor, ground conditions, practice, experience of the employees, etc.).

Under normal conditions the assembly takes the following time:

surface area:     

assembly time:

<200 m2

4 hours

<400 m2

6 hours

<600 m2

8 hours