Application example:

Modular marquee as canteen marquee

  • Festival marquee as temporary canteen
  • Festival marquee with ventilation window in gable triangle
  • Festival marquee - gable wall with window with bars
  • Festival marquee with blue-white roof lining
Span: 20.00 m
Length: 30.00 m
Side height: 3.00 m
Truss spacing: 5.00 m

Marquee type

Quickflex festival marquee

Marquee as temporary canteen

For the Stadtbrauhaus Hagenbach HALTEC supplied the Quickflex festival marquee as a temporary canteen marquee. Two-piece PVC gates and roof tarpaulins with Stamoid coating were used for the application. A blue-white roof lining and ventilation windows in the gable triangles ensure a decorative ambiance and pleasant temperatures.