Application example:

Marquee for a church in Namibia

  • Festival marquee as event marquee for a church in Namibia
  • Festival marquee with custom logo
  • Festival marquee during a church event
  • Festival marquee as anniversary gift
Span: 15.00 m
Length: 35.00 m
Side height: 3.00 m
Truss spacing: 5.00 m

Marquee type

Quickflex festival marquee

Festival marquee as event and meeting facility

For the 50th anniversary, the Lutheran Church of Westphalia presented the Lutheran partner church in Africa with a Quickflex festival marquee from HALTEC. It was printed with the logo of the church to be used for events and worship services. It was delivered to Namibia per ship. The festival marquee was first used for the large concluding worship service of the anniversary celebration.