Application example:

Showrooms for shopping centre

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  • Showrooms - interior
  • Showrooms - gable wall
  • Showrooms
Hall 1+2:  
Width: 15.00/17.50 m
Length: 50.00/70.00 m
Eave height: 3.50 m
Ridge height: 5.51/5.85 m
Snow load: 0.25 kN/m²
Roof pitch: 15 degrees
Exterior colour:  
Roof: Tarpaulin white
Wall: Grey-white (RAL 9002)
Hall 3-5:  
Width: 5.00 m
Length: 7.50 m
Eave height: 3.50 m
Ridge height: 4.17 m
Snow load: 25 kg/m²
Roof pitch: 15 degrees


Shopping centre


Rapid erection of five showrooms for rental use for several months.


Equipped with interior tarpaulins, sliding gates and connecting passages to the main building. The total assembly duration of the showrooms was 4 days.

Hall type

Aluflex temporary building with trapezoidal steel sheet wall cladding and high density fabric roof cladding


  • Aluminium frame construction
  • Roof cladding of translucent, plastic-coated high density fabric
  • Wall cladding of galvanised and colour-coated trapezoidal steel sheet
  • Interior tarpaulin from eave to eave
  • 2 single-leaf sliding gates
  • 1 double-leaf sliding gate
  • 50 rm tarpaulin - intermediate gutter