Questions & Answers

7. Are light weight halls and storage marquees safe in snow and storms?

Depending on the width and height, wind speeds of up to 28 m/s are accounted for as standard. This corresponds to wind force 10 on the Beaufort scale or wind load zone 3. In addition, we offer statics for wind load zone 4 on the coast of the North Sea and the Baltic Sea and for the Baltic islands. Temporary buildings and storage marquees, depending on their construction, can be designed to withstand snow loads of up to 3.50 kN/m². Our dimensioning, which is compliant with DIN EN 13782, is also recognised in Austria and Switzerland.


8. Which type of subsoil is required?

Aluflex can be erected on existing paved surfaces, asphalt surfaces or compacted ballast. Light weight halls and storage marquees are anchored with pegs, 1 m in length, in the subsoil. If the subsoil is uneven, we offer solutions in this regard, such as height-adjustable telescopic uprights or underpinnings. If you already have a concrete surface then Aluflex can be directly anchored on the concrete surface.


9. Do I need a building permit for the storage marquee?

In most cases the Aluflex light weight hall and storage marquee can be erected without extensive formalities. Your responsible building authorities will provide detailed information as to whether a building permit is required in your specific case. We would be pleased to provide TÜV-certified statics report or structural specifications for all standard light weight halls and storage marquees. Many hall sizes can be offered that satisfy the requirements of the current DIN 1055 (stationary structures).