Questions & Answers

4. What do the roof and wall of light weight halls and storage marquees consist of?

The roof and wall cladding of storage marquees consist of an extremely high-quality, robust, plastic-coated tarpaulin. This tarpaulin is flame-retardant in accordance with DIN 4102 B1. Light weight halls are available as uninsulated, partially insulated, and completely insulated versions.

  • The uninsulated light weight hall consists of a roof cladding with high density fabric and a wall cladding of galvanised and colour-coated trapezoidal steel sheet.
  • The partially insulated version has a roof tarpaulin of PVC coated, high density fabric and in addition an interior tarpaulin of PE coated mesh fabric to avoid of condensation water and for better insulation. The wall consists of sandwich panels.
  • The fully insulated light weight hall has sandwich panels in the roof and wall.


5. How durable is PVC coated fabric?

The tarpaulins are extremely robust and have proven themselves in constant use for decades. Nevertheless if damage should occur, due to an accident, e.g. caused by the fork of a forklift, the tarpaulin can easily be repaired on site.


6. What colours are available for the cladding?

The tarpaulins in the wall area are normally coated brown or white on the inside and they are coated white on the inside - for better illumination. In the roof area the tarpaulins are always white on both sides, as this is required for optimal entry of natural light. The trapezoidal steel sheet as well as the sandwich panels are coated in RAL 9002 grey-white in the standard version. If you want to rent an Aluflex lightweight hall or Aluflex storage marquee for a longer period or purchase an Aluflex lightweight hall or Aluflex storage marquee, tarpaulins and trapezoidal steel sheet can be delivered in almost any colour.