Questions & Answers

16. How long is the delivery time?

Light weight halls with trapezoidal profiled single skin steel cladding and storage marquees with PVC coated fabric in standard sizes are available within one to two weeks, in some cases even within a few days. For special models the delivery times are two to four weeks depending on the requirements. For light weight halls with sandwich panels the delivery time is approx. four weeks.


17. Are light weight halls and storage marquees also available with thermal insulation?

Storage marquees and light weight halls are available uninsulated or with thermal insulation, as needed. Uninsulated storage marquees and light weight halls can be protected against frost with the aid of interior tarpaulins from floor to floor. The doubled tarpaulins provide a certain degree of insulation. If better thermal insulation is required, partially insulated light weight halls are available with wall cladding of sandwich panels and a double tarpaulin in the roof. For many hall sizes we also offer a fully-insulated variant, for which the roof as well as the wall cladding consists of sandwich panels. The insulation thickness of the wall cladding is 60 mm, the element thickness of the roof cladding is 100/60 mm (U-value = 0.39 W/m²K); as comparison in this regard: The U-value of a 30 cm thick sand-lime brick masonry is 1.4 W/m²K.


18. Can I also rent light weight halls and storage marquees?

Yes. All standard halls can be rented directly from HALTEC. Ask us about our individual solution. At the end of the rental period you decide whether to extend the rental, dismantle the hall, or purchase the hall.