Questions & Answers

1. What is a light weight hall or storage marquee?

Storage marquees and light weight halls consist primarily of an aluminium framework and a cladding which is available in different versions.

Light weight halls and storage marquees can be erected without foundation. Fast assembly is assured by making use of prefabricated system parts and an easy-to-erect structure. Even an unskilled assembly team is able to carry out assembly and disassembly under supervision of an experienced worker. Retroactive extensions or diminuations can be easily realised thanks to the modular system. This ensures a fast adaption to changing space requirements.


2. For which kind of applications are the light weight halls and storage marquees suited for?

Storage marquees are particularly suitable for:

  • Storage
  • Protection of building sites
  • Protection of weather sensitive goods
  • Covering of equipment and vehicles
  • Temporary assembly

Lightweight halls are especially suited for: 

  • Exhibition
  • Sales
  • Remodelling works
  • Extension of sales areas


3. What is the frame construction made of?

The marquee frame consists of aluminium profiles (uprights and trusses) and of hot-dipped galvanised steel parts (foot plates, eave part, ridge part, purlins, portals). Thus there is long-term protection against corrosion.