New: Temporary building

With the HALTEC innovation, the gab between a temporary industrial building and a steel building is fully closed. Complex, big halls with high snow load can be delivered now with in shortest time. bigger, higher, stronger

  • Temporary building
  • Temporary building
  • Temporary building
  • Temporary building

Certified safety

HALTEC engineers developed over the 2 years the system Years of experience with temporary buildings and storage marquees, as well as desire to think different were the key to success: the result was a totally innovative aluminium piping profile, withstanding highest loads. This has been scientifically confirmed by the Forschungs- und Materialprüfanstalt (research and material testing institute) of BTU Cottbus. Moreover, the HALTEC innovation is patent, utility model and registered design protected by law. The system has been statically calculated according to the latest European standards DIN EN 1991 and DIN EN 13782. The particular loads of the „North German Plain“ are no problems for as well. HALTEC places special emphasis to the careful examination of all statics by TÜV.

Above all only the best

The aim was to combine the advantage of steel building with the aluminium temporary building. With the new temporary building large, cost-optimized hall parameters are now possible, which could be realised otherwise only with a steel building. The advantages of the aluminium temporary building remain however existing. Thus, customers benefit from short delivery time and quick assembly.

Maximum hall parameters

Thanks to the new aluminium profile, we are able to respond to the needs of the clients even more. We have precisely optimized the hall parameters:


We are able to carry out following dimensions for you:



Snow loads: Up to 3.50 kN/m²
Side heights: Up to 7.00 m
Span: Up to 30.00 m
Truss spacing: Up to 5.00 m

Aluflex or is therefore the ideal extension of the well-known and over many years proven Aluflex system. Depending on customer’s requirement, at the end the requested building parameters decide, which is the most cost-effective and thus most economical solution. We will be happy to find that out for you. No mater what system, one thing is certain: you can rest assured that you will always receive a hall of the highest HALTEC quality, calculated and tested to the highest industry standards.