Purchase of halls and storage marquees

Storage marquees to buy

If you are considering constructing a hall or a storage marquee, the financing arrangement is an important issue. All HALTEC products are offered for purchase, rental, or as leasing object. For planned continuous use of your new space capacity, purchase is an effective future investment.

The following reasons speak in favour of purchase:

  • You want a long-term, and yet flexible space solution.
  • You are already planning to extend your hall or your storage marquee at a later point in time, or to transfer it to a different location, or you want to keep this flexibility open at all times for future purposes.
  • You value the independence from regular payments.
  • You want to acquire title to the hall or the storage marquee.

Your own space:

Profit from our experience, our employees would be pleased to advise you of the modes of payment.