Application example:

Warehouse with photovoltaic system for a packaging manufacturer

  • Steel hall - photovoltaic system
  • Steel hall - assembly
  • Steel hall - interior
  • Steel hall, row of windows in wall
Width: 10.00 m
Length: 45.00 m
Sides: 5.00 m
Ridge height: 5.87 m
Roof pitch: 5 degrees
Snow load: 0.85 kN/m²
Roof and wall: Grey-white (RAL 9002)
Flashings: Grey-white (RAL 9002)


Manufacturer of packaging material for the pharmaceuticals industry.


New warehouse with pent roof and a photovoltaic system for power generation on the roof surfaces, in addition light domes with integrated SHE system.

Hall type

Steelflex steel building with pent roof construction, trapezoidal profiled single skin steel cladding and anti-condensation coating for prevention of condensation water.


  • Steel frame construction, hot-dipped galvanised
  • Roof and wall cladding of single-shell trapezoidal steel sheet.
  • 1 steel rolling gate
  • 2 steel multipurpose doors
  • 30 rm row of windows in the side wall
  • 1 SHE system
  • 4 roof light domes
  • 45 running meter gutter

Photovoltaic system:

  • 21 kWp photovoltaic system
  • Consisting of thin-layer modules
  • Nominal power per module: 86 Wp
  • Individual dimensions: Approx. 1.10 x 1.30
  • Inverter
  • Solar wire set, double-insulated