Questions & Answers

7. What alternatives are available for the ground trim?

Ground trim for a concrete slab or a strip foundation:

  • The outer edge of the cladding is placed flush on the edge of the foundation
  • The cladding is routed outside and downward past the edge of the foundation


Ground trim with asphalt substrate or paving stones:

  • The cladding is placed on the asphalt substrate or the paving stones


In addition, the cladding can be sealed relative to the substrate with bituminous sheeting or a sealing tape. We would be pleased to send you execution examples, on request.



8. What is the building approval procedure?

HALTEC provides you with the hall drawings and verifiable statics. On request we would also be pleased to submit the building application for you.


9. How long is the production time?

For our standard halls, the production time is approx. six weeks from the time of your authorisation. As we normally produce the halls in our own factories, we can reduce this period by two to three weeks in particularily urgent cases. In the case of crane and flat roof halls, a production time of approx. eight weeks must be anticipated.