Questions & Answers

4. Can the hall be enlarged or reduced in size later?

Yes! The modular system enables fast and easy adaptation to current requirements at anytime:

  • Extension in length through the connection of additional length modules
  • Extension in width through the attachment of additional bays
  • Reduction in the hall surface area through removal, dismantling individual length modules, and shifting the gable wall


5. Can the steel hall also be erected without a foundation?

Yes! With the approval of the responsible building authorities HALTEC steel halls can be erected without a foundation, with earth pegs.



6. What foundations are possible?

  • The Steelflex steel building can be anchored on spot foundation or strip foundation. As a rule a level concrete surface suffices.
  • Alternatively you can have a reinforced foot plate with a perimeter ice wall constructed.


We provide precise dimensions for the foundation and the load distribution of the hall. A contractor in your area can produce the foundations from the supplied information. We can also provide complete foundation statics with reinforcement plans on request.