Questions & Answers

10. How long does the assembly last?

For halls sizes to 1,000 m² approx. 2-3 weeks. For larger halls you must count on a somewhat longer assembly duration depending on the execution.


11. What are the snow loads and wind loads for which HALTEC steel halls are designed?

The hall is dimensioned in accordance with the wind and snow loads that must be estimated at the construction location. These depend on the regional wind load or snow load zone. All regional requirements can be implemented in the dimensioning of your steel hall.


12. Are smoke extraction systems (SHE) available as preventative fire protection?

Yes! HALTEC is also your partner in the area of smoke and heat control (SHC). The smoke extraction devices open automatically in the event of fire and ensure immediate extraction of smoke gas and heat. The fire source is restricted, escape routes remain passable and extinguishing tasks are facilitated.


We would be pleased to advise you on the overall solution that is best suited for you:

  • Individual light domes in the roof with integrated smoke extraction
  • Or a continuous row of windows in ridge with automatic smoke extraction devices


Additional advantages:

  • In summer the electric openers in the SHE support ventilation of the hall
  • The rows of windows can be counted as melt-out areas