Questions & Answers

1. What is a modular construction?

Modular constructions are a particularly economic hall manufacturing variant. The modular construction enables the use of many parts that are identical in construction. This enables a significant reduction in cost and delivery times. Simultaneously the mature modular system assures a high standard of quality with numerous custom equipment variants.


2. Which possibilities of use do have our halls?

The possibilities of use of our halls are as versatile as flexible.

They are particularly suitable for:

  • storage halls
  • industrial halls
  • production halls
  • assembly halls
  • workshop halls
  • logistics halls
  • sales halls
  • exhibition halls
  • crane halls
  • halls with office and social areas


3. What are the roof and walls made of?

Uninsulated steel halls are made of hot-dipped galvanised, painted, trapezoidal steel sheet. In addition a PVC coated roof of flame-retardant, high density fabric is also possible. Insulated wall and roof elements are used for insulated steel halls.