Questions & Answers

4. Are rows of windows included in the standard version?

One or two polyester light panels are installed in the roof area depending on the span. For a span to 10.00 m the standard version has one row of windows, from a span of 11.00 m two rows of windows are possible. The light panels are double-skin for the insulated hall.


5. Do I require a building permit for the arched roof halls?

Please contact the responsible building authorities whether a building permit is necessary or not. We are pleased to provide you with verifiable statics.


6. What colours are available for roof and wall of arched roof halls?

Grey-white (RAL 1015)

Oxide-red (RAL 3009)
Coral-red (RAL 3016)

Azure-blue (RAL 5009)

Gentian-blue (RAL 5010)

Fir-green (RAL 6009)

Reseda-green (RAL 6011)

Anthracite-grey (RAL 7016)

Light-grey (RAL 7035)

Sepia-brown (RAL 8014)

Grey-white (RAL 9002)

White aluminium (RAL 9006)