Purchasing second-hand steel halls


So, you would like to purchase a second-hand steel hall? An excellent decision, because you will make some real savings. Second-hand steel halls are halls that have been rented in the past and were set up at a customer’s site. At the end of the rental period, we disassembled the hall again and are now selling it on at an attractive rate. Many of the construction materials can even be reused!


Steelflex steel building Nr. 3214

Snow load (ground): 0.65 kN/m²
20.07 x 51.02 x 8.51 m

Net purchase price:
89,500,00 €


HALTEC steel halls: second-hand and high quality
HALTEC sets great store by its sustainable construction methods. Whether they are second-hand or new, the supporting structures in our steel halls are hot-dip galvanised ex works and so are effectively protected against corrosion. The steel is extremely durable with regard to mechanical loads and its high resistance to abrasion and impacts is impressive. These characteristics make this a material that can be constantly reused – even in hall manufacturing.


However, the high quality of our steel halls is not only due to the material, but also to the expert knowledge at HALTEC. We place extremely high demands on both our new halls, and naturally also on our second-hand ones, so it’s no wonder that partners all over the world rely on our halls. In fact, we are one of the market leaders in Europe with our modular buildings.


Interested in HALTEC steel halls? As a rule, you will normally need to apply for a building permit for the assembly of a steel hall. Therefore, please check whether you will be able to set up the hall at the planned location, and that all the technical requirements for the assembly are satisfied. If it turns out that we do not have any second-hand steel halls available in the right size, we will gladly draw up an individual quotation for you for a new Stahlflex modular hall. Please do get in touch!