2nd step: Quotation coordination

After our consultation you will receive a free, non-binding quotation from us within a short time. Your personal contact at HALTEC would also be pleased to prepare several alternative quotations. Thus you can compare various hall sizes and equipment variants or purchase, rental and lease conditions.

Optimal combination of economy and functionality

With due consideration of your requirements, your contact would be pleased to present price-optimised variants to you. You will be amazed at how economical steel halls, light weight halls and storage marquees are.

Individual quotations for every area of implementation

After you have reviewed our quotation, your contact will discuss all open questions and your change requests. The order is placed only after all questions have been clarified, and after the quotation meets your requirements.

Timely coordination with the building authorities

As client you should contact your local building authorities in the quotation phase, to determine whether a building application is required and to identify the building regulations that must be complied with. On request we will support you in drawing up the building application.

Usually temporarily used light weight halls and storage marquees can be erected without complications and without extensive formalities.