1st step: Consultation with our HALTEC hall experts

Benefit from our years of experience and our technical know-how: We support you in all questions concerning your hall manufacturing and offer detailed consulting so that your new hall is optimally matched to your workflows.

Light weight halls, storage marquees or steel halls

Are you looking for a space solution that can be easily and quickly implemented? In this case we recommend our flexible and spacious Aluflex light weight halls and storage marquees. Or are you planning a new building for long-term use? In this case our Steelflex steel building, which we can equip with all the functions of a modern industrial building, is best suited.

Purchase, rent, or lease - the choice is yours

You can purchase, lease or rent your new hall. Thus, for example, when renting you conserve your liquid funds and the credit line at your bank.

Foundationless assembly is also possible, depending on the subsoil

With the approval of the responsible building authorities, our steel halls, light weight halls and storage marquees with earth pegs can be set up on existing paved surfaces, asphalt, or compacted ballast, without a foundation. The peg anchoring spares you expensive foundations.

Detailed consultation in your facilities

We provide detailed information concerning our light weight halls, storage marquees, and steel halls, and offer advice concerning equipment, size, and anchoring. We would also be pleased to show you projects that have been implemented and suggest reference customers.