HALTEC - custom-tailored flexible space solutions

Are you running out of space in the warehouse? Are you planning to expand your storage and production space? Or do you need additional short-term sales and exhibition space? HALTEC offers the suitable space solutions.

Specialist for light weight halls, storage marquees, and steel halls

HALTEC has specialised in space solutions for craftsman's establishments, medium-sized companies, and international groups. This know-how benefits our customers: With versatile-use light weight halls, storage marquees and steel halls, that are optimally matched to individual requirements and equipment requests.

Premium quality - fast and cost-effective

Thanks to the proven modular construction with many of identical parts, HALTEC can deliver premium quality quickly and cost-effectively. Uninsulated light weight halls and storage marquees are ready for use just a few days after the order has been placed, insulated light weight halls and steel halls are ready for use after a few weeks.

Flexible with marquees and halls from HALTEC

You can also dismantle light weight halls, storage marquees, and steel halls and set them up again at a different location, depending on space requirements.

We show you in four steps how to obtain your new HALTEC hall.