Rent instead of purchase

Are you looking for extra space but just for a certain period? Rental can be an alternative.

Design your marquee with a logo print

More and more organisers and companies are designing their marquees to include a customised logo print.

Change lives

HALTEC supports his godchild Paschal in Tanzania for over the past four years. Many positive things have happened since then.

Brought to the common denominator

Patented temporary building HALTEC has managed to combine the advantages of steel buildings and aluminium halls.

Doing good with small deeds

In 2013 HALTEC has continued to support social projects all over the world.

Small things can effect much

Children form future of every society and are bearer of hope for a better world – news about our godson from Tansania.

News from Tanzania

For more than one year HALTEC supports Paschal Dastani with a Godparenthood. Paschal was born on 15th of December 2002 in the east of Tanzania which belongs to the poorest countries of Africa.

A better celebration - with HALTEC

Outdoor-trends 2011: Marquees, lighting and news directly from the manufacturer